Sensual Massage City of London

A sensual massage is much like a tantric massage. it is an exciting and stimulating experience for both the receiver and the masseuse. It is carried out with complete body attention and is all down to the receivers responses. The intention is for the receiver to become completely relaxed yet also aroused. Each masseuse will have their own personal understanding of what a sensual massage in London should be like and what it should include. Usually the main aim will be to promote the receiver relaxation, calm breathing and to slowly and gradually work the muscles.

The techniques used involve the application of a gel or aromatic massage oil. The masseuse may use his or her fingers as well as gentle touch with their nails. Should the receiver allow, the masseuse will touch all over the body. The masseuse will slowly build the arousal of the receiver over the appointment, which should allow the receiver to completely relax, build trust in the masseuse and concentrate on the body touches.

Undoubtedly, humans respond to touch. Therefore to receive sensual touch is considered as an extremely satisfying sensation. Touch can be argued to be one of human kind’s earliest forms of communication, and we now understand that our bodies are designed in such a way to facilitate touch. When a hard touch is given with the intention of anger, then we absolutely feel fear in response, whereas when someone can offer a supportive or gentle touch we automatically feel reassured and a sense of friendship in return. This is why touch, more so a sensual touch is a crucial part of human relationships and healthy development.

Anyone can benefit from a sensual massage in London by our trained therapists, for many a massage can be a route to escapism – a way to forget about the everyday stresses we encounter in life and to have a mental break. For others it can just be a way to enjoy themselves and rediscover their bodies and to explore their sexuality. Sometimes couples choose to take sensual massages together so that they can learn more about the art of massage and how to please each other. Regardless of who is the receiver of the massage, we need to understand that in today’s age where there are so many expectations on us, this is an ideal way of taking a break and returning to our instinctual desires.

Our therapists have a passion for what they do and for their receivers also. Before any session the massage therapist will personally explain to the receiver what they are about to do and will show them the therapy rooms which should help relax any nervousness the receiver may have. The receiver is free to ask any questions they may have about the therapy and now has the time to clarify any reservations or boundaries they may have.