Lingam Massage City of London

This type of massage is the most engaging and relaxing sensual massage that a man could ever wish for. The lingam is commonly referred to as the wand of light (the male genitals) and in tantra is one of the most pleasurable forms of massage

Thus the essence of this type of massage is not always the common end result, although it can be a very pleasing and self-satisfying side effect.

This type of massage often focuses on the male genitals. The goal is to always massage the testicles, perineum and the prostate, externally that is. It often allows for the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he might not be accustomed to but yet craving.

It is obviously a very rare and unique form of surrender that makes the man both vulnerable and lost in his mind given that men are not usually used to relaxing and receiving pleasure.

The lingam massage can bring a full sense of relaxation to the whole body and mind, clearing all levels of stress and mind blockages thus taking you into an imaginary world where your sense do not work at all. It leaves one in a limbo, where by as much as you want to do anything you actually cannot because your inner self is both spiritually and sexually at peace. Even the touch and movements of the masseuses are rarely noticed. It is a complete turn-on submission for the man and it is so intense that he loses all his senses but through tantric breathing techniques can learn to control these urges

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